Howley focuses on endangered sharks to save shark populations and protect the marine ecology

Over the past 50 years, the number of sharks worldwide has drastically declined, and marine ecologists predict that sharks could be extinct in the next 40 years. Jérôme Delafosse, a marine explorer and conservationist, is working with Jérôme to participate in a shark conservation project led by the nonprofit environmental agency Pelagios Kakunjá. Howley focuses on endangered sharks to save shark populations and protect the marine ecology Oliver supports the Shark Conservation Project of Pelagios Kakunjá "Today we're seeing fewer and fewer sharks," Jérôme said. "At the current rate, we're going to extinct sharks in less than 40 years, letting people know all about sharks and sharks The only way to save these magical creatures. "Jérôme is also a veteran professional diver who has been involved in shark and dolphin conservation for more than 20 years, filmed documentaries, widely circulated on the French Canal + and Travel channels . Howley focuses on endangered sharks to rolex replica watches save shark populations and protect the marine ecology The project will study the migratory behavior of endangered species Hammerhead shark Pelagios Kakunjá, a public-interest environmental agency, is working on migratory behavior of the top marine predators. The latest project is in the eastern Pacific, tracking the migration of endangered species of hammerhead sharks (hammerhead sharks). According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature data, hammerhead shark in the past 30 years, a decrease of 90%. Researchers installed a satellite-based launcher funded by Howells on each of five sharks, each of which would record sharks' movements for six to nine months, then automatically shed them from the replica watches uk shark and upload the data to satellites. The study will help fishery departments to better develop fishing rules to reduce the number of shark trawl caught. Howley focuses on endangered sharks to save shark populations and protect the marine ecology 5 hammerhead sharks will be equipped with satellite positioning devices funded by Howley The ocean research team will be led by Pelagios Kakunjá, director of marine projects, ecological conservation expert Dr. James Ketchum, and Dr. Mauricio Hoyos, a shark expert who shot the world's largest white shark documentary, and a free dive world record holder and underwater photographer Fred Buyle. We are honored to be able to work with Jérôme and Pelagios Kakunjá 'institutions. "To change the future of the world's oceans is the social responsibility of Howley," said Ulrich W. Herzog, President of rolex replica uk Oliver Global: "Oliver has always been concerned about marine conservation, and through every one of us, Endangered species such as hammerhead shark, is very meaningful. Jérôme Delafosse said: "On behalf of the Pelagios Kakunjá and the Hammerhead Project team, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Oliver, and by recording the movement of the sharks we have access to vital ecological data that will help protect the future . "